General Assembly - 2 December 2021

The Global BIM Network will hold its First Annual General Assembly on Thursday 2nd December 2021.

On 2nd December, the Global BIM Network (the Network) will bring together members of the global public sector at the First Annual Global BIM Network's General Assembly, with the aim to foster a more productive and collaborative global digital construction sector that delivers benefits for people and places.

At the General Assembly, Global BIM Network's members will share lessons learnt from national digital transformation initiatives, consider how governments can tackle challenges collaboratively with industry, and discuss the guidance, tools and evidence that will inform national and international policy on better infrastructure delivery. By increasing the capacity and capability of the public sector as client, the Network aims to encourage the global construction sector to achieve shared goals for COVID-19 recovery, net-zero and environmental sustainability, and socioeconomic prosperity.

Attendees will hear policy makers, public procurers, infrastructure investors and industry leadership from across the globe discuss the challenges of digitally transforming the construction and infrastructure sector, and identify solutions in a candid, straightforward manner during the following panel discussions:

  • The Cost-Benefit of Information Management: A Global Perspective
  • From BIM Strategy to BIM Implementation: Procurement Practices across the World
  • Government & Industry: Working together to drive benefits for People and Places.

Registration will open soon, with speaker information to follow shortly.